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Keys have been with us since the dawn of time.  It was the only way to access protected goods.  Most of the locks in our lifestyle use some sort of key whether it is a small jewelry box or a Toyota Run X or a big walk in safe.  Everything uses a key we as human race prefer to keep everything locked up and in its place.  Thus is the key to safety!

We specialize in SILCA, JMA, Errebi and many more.

Door locks are there to keep unwanted guests out and keep you and your belongings save.  There is a lot of different types of locking mechanism from standard 2 levers to your high security locks like Abloy and Mul-t-lock lock.  This can be fitted on glass, aluminum wooden and metal door frames and gates. 

We specialize in Jaguar, Yale, Tri-circle, Maxi locks and much more.

A master key system is a specialized security system that allows authorized persons to access different doors within a company by using only one key (master key).  You get 3 stages known as Grand master key, Master key and Sub master key.  Grand master can access say 3 buildings offices with one key but Master key can only access one buildings office where Sub master can only access say one Floors offices.

Benefits of the master key system:

  • Security with as few keys as possible
  • Easy use, as only one key is needed for all relevant doors
  • Simplified organization
  • It is possible to define exactly who has access to which areas
  • We specialize in Union, Abloy and Mul-t-lock

Changing of lock combinations - (e.g. Ignition Combinations

When a vehicle key is called a transponder key, it means there is a transponder chip hidden in the plastic part of the key.  This chip is small looks like a glass tube or a small magnet.  This chip is program to a specific vehicle that sends out a signal to that vehicles computer box telling the vehicle to start.  Without that chip the vehicle would not start.  (Factory fitted immobilizer)  Most of the vehicles started with this system in 1994 but Merc and BMW started earlier.

We specialize in most of VW, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Merc, BMW, Audi, Nissan and more.

Safes are there to keep our precious and important belongings save hence the name safe.  U get different sizes and makes of safes all with different purposes and different categories.  Each safe falls under a specific category and each category have its own specifications.  Like for instants category 4 is 2 locks and combination dial with glass inside the door panel, this safe is the best for banks and big business.  Then you get your much smaller safes category 1.  These safe are small and either having 1 lock or a combination dial or a digital key pad.  All types of saves can be opened with special tools and techniques.

We specialize in Chubb, Mutual, Magnum, Austin and more.

An immobilizer is normally fitted to the vehicle and it is usually combined with an alarm and anti-hijacking system.  But just an immobilizer is just as effective.  It prevents the vehicle to start if you haven’t activated it.  So if someone tries to steel the vehicle they would need the remote (jackplugs) to get the vehicle or bypass the system and that isn’t the fastest or easiest proses.  Thus meaning your vehicle is saver from theft. Most insurance companies require a Level 4 Vesa approved Immobilizer.

We specialize in Autowatch

Also known as power door locks or electric doors.  This system allows the driver to simultaneously lock or unlock the doors or to unlock only the driver’s door first and then the rest of the vehicles door (selective central locking).  The system can be operated from a remote or can be done manually.

We specialize in Raptor central locking systems

An anti-hijacking system is an electronic system that is fitted to a vehicle to prevent criminals from hijacking you and getting away with your vehicle.  This system has a module that is connected to you fuel system, it can send out a signal that will cut off the fuel flow to your engine and by doing so the vehicle will seize to go any were until the system has been deactivated.  This whole proses is activated by just one button that is hidden in a secret place close by so you can reach it in your vehicle

We specialize in Autowatch

An SABS approved product that ensures         you never have puncture in your tyres. This product enables all treated tires to be self sealing, thus protecting them against the tearing effects of nails, bolts, sharp steels, and cutting stones. All this happens within a fraction of a second. Call us for more information or a demonstration in store.”

Special Locks to secure Sliding & French doors

Unlocking all types of Vehicles – normal and double locks

A time-delay combination lock is most commonly a digital, electronic combination lock equipped with a delay timer that delays.

The unlocking of the lock by a user definable delay period, usually less than one hour. Unlike the time lock, this unlocks at a pre-set time (as in the case of a bank vault). Time-delay locks operate each time the safe is unlocked, but the operator must wait for the set delay period to elapse before the lock can be opened. Time delay safes are most commonly used in businesses with high cash transactions.


Time delay locks were originally created to prevent criminals from kidnapping and torturing the person(s) who knows the combination, and then using the extracted information to later burgle the safe or vault, or to stop entry by staff at unauthorized times.


Peace of mind is priceless, and that’s something vehicle alarms can give you.  Auto theft is an increasing problem.  Vehicle security can prevent outright theft. The most common type of alarm systems consist of movement sensors (sensing movement inside the vehicle) or glass – breaking after the system has been activated.  The system is fitted with a siren that warns of thieves and notifies you as owner that the vehicle has been tampered with thus minimizing the damage to your vehicle. 

We specialize in Autowatch and more


Every person prefers music in the vehicle whether it is just to keep track of the news or to listen to your favorite music (background or load music).  From your standard radio to your MP3 players to your USB front loaders to a bit more sound driven          technology like your Bluetooth radios.  There’s a radio for every individual and vehicle. From the young ones with the heavy sound and HD touch screen android DVD system to your family system that consist of DVD screens fitted into headrest to keep the small ones busy and quite.

We specialize in Sony, Pioneer and more

Electric Gate Motors and Remotes

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